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I’m really glad you’re here. I'm a yogini from Bali, a teacher, collaborator, community builder and founder of Soulshine Yoga and Flow, passionate about sharing the gifts it brought me. I believe a single yoga class can change your life, but I also know learning is a lifelong process and yoga is not just about postures. It's about finding how to live with ease in your body and mind to deepen the connection to yourself and the people around you. Let’s start something beautiful together.
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Kind Words

The very first spark of my love for yoga started with you, Ditya! When I began yoga, I was surprised by the challenge. The inward focus, the attention to breathing and to the body, the challenging poses, were all new to me and out of my comfort zone. Still, by the end of my first class with you, I felt a new sense of balance and stability in my normally runaway mind. You have a deep insight into the links between body & mind and a way of bringing one back to the moment, the essence of yoga rather than the range of movements. After a few years of practice with you, I find that yoga helped to sync my inner and outer worlds and make me feel more appreciative of the meaningful things of life.

Sara Mazzola Marketing Manager, Italy

Ditya Sari has this remarkable ability to inspire and motivate healthy lifestyle changes. I have been an active person for most of my life. But like most people, I've never learned the benefits of stretching, which has left me with joint issues and recurring pains throughout my body. While searching for a natural cure, I attended one of Ditya's classes. I was outside my comfort zone and didn't know what to expect. Within minutes those feelings dissipated. She has a calming energy about her that makes you feel instantly comfortable. Over the next few months, I became a regular. Her teaching had corrected what so many doctors failed to do. My body healed, and mentally, I was stronger than ever. I never thought one yoga class would bring so much light into my life and change it forever.

Wade Houston Chief Petty Officer US Navy, USA

I've done yoga with Ditta for several years, and I can say it's a delightful experience. Whether it's the Vinyasa or Inside Flow, or the calming Yin and Restorative, she guides you through it and will always give you options that work in your body and the physical issues that limit you. I really appreciate the way she teaches her students with so much care and attention to each student's abilities and helps them find their ease or potential. Even though I practiced with her for so many years, the routines never got boring or repetitive but always felt fresh, and I always got to learn something new about my body. I recommend her sessions from the bottom of my heart

Linda Texmo Psychologist, Sweden

I loved yoga with Ditya from the first ujjayi breath. She shows up to every class with incredible energy, kindness, compassion and understanding of her students' needs. Her lessons are always thoroughly prepared, fun and never repetitive or boring. After every class, I felt stronger yet lighter and more at ease with myself and the world around me. Book a class, workshop or retreat with her if you can. You won't regret it, I promise!

Marie Joubert Copywriter, South Africa

I've had the pleasure of joining Ditya's yoga sessions weekly for more than three years. Ditya is an extraordinarily passionate and skilled healer, physically and mentally. She generously shares her wisdom and insight in life, making her sessions authentic and mindful. Ditya is a beautiful person inside and out, and I am fortunate that our paths in life have crossed.

Heidi Scoovgaard Swimming Instructor, Denmark

Ditya, aka the Soulshinewarrior, is an incredible yoga teacher and person. She blends a deep spirituality and understanding of the human body with a playful, down-to-earth nature. I have attended numerous classes, from Vinyasa to Inside Flow (a yoga routine set to music) to SUP Yoga (floating on a paddle board), and every class leaves me feeling both energised and relaxed at the same time. I recommend her teaching wholeheartedly.

Lara Meyer Life Coach, UK

I've been doing yoga for over ten years, and I must say, Ditya was able to help me reach my goals and heights! Her patience, understanding, and creativity were terrific; she gave each student the opportunity and attention they needed while still connecting to the whole class. We'll miss her in our US military base, and I appreciate the opportunity to be in her classes.

E.Jermaine Armstrong US Naval Mathematician , USA

I had a fantastic experience with Ditya, the best yoga teacher I've ever met! I was never into yoga until I tried her class. She made me passionate about yoga, and her spirituality inspired me to explore what yoga can do for my body and mind. All her classes reflect her peaceful, calming energy, and she makes you feel at home. Ditya also has a perfect tone of voice that draws you deep into your yoga practice.

Veronica Cafiero Italy

I battle severe back and hip pain daily, but every time I took one of Ditta's yoga classes, my body felt amazing afterwards. Her energy is delightful and refreshing. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or advanced; she ensures you get the best experience with each pose. Her SUP yoga and wine yoga classes are lots of fun. I look forward to taking another one of her classes. Thank you so much, Ditya, for sharing your gifts with the world!

Star Joy Writer and Poet, USA

I joined Ditya's classes many years ago and practiced with her until she left Bahrain in 2022. I loved the way she taught. Her classes were always stimulating and encouraging. She inspired me to do my best. I gained a lot of strength and flexibility, which has given me many benefits. Ditya welcomed us and brought people together with her warm and kind energy. We became a group of friends that practiced weekly. It was a pleasure to get together on our mats.

Johanna Anderson Designer, Sweden

I've been doing yoga for a while but was never really fond of it. That was until I met Ditya and joined her class. She became my favourite yoga instructor. Her classes are fun and challenging yet simultaneously calming, while her positive energy constantly flowing and filling the room keeps the whole session refreshing.

Mo Tarada Gulf Air Engineer, Bahrain

Ditya è un’insegnante che tocca i cuori, ti accompagna nel suo flow nel profondo con dolcezza ed empatia, diffonde tutta la sua bellissima energia e ogni volta che propone una delle sue pratiche è impossibile non emozionarsi… è più che una maestra, è un’anima meravigliosa, dopo averla conosciuta non si può più fare a meno di lei ❤️

Cristina Cialone Italy

Flow Journal

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The past year has been tough. When I moved to a new country, I had to bid farewell to my everyday life and friends. It’s a place I’ve visited before but never lived in. While I love my new city, I’m constantly on the go and never seem to have enough time for myself.