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My in-person classes are welcoming, dynamic and will challenge your mind’s perception of what you can do. Whether you’re a beginner, somewhere in the middle or an advanced yogi, I’m excited for you to practice with me.
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In-Person Classes

Weekly Schedule

Join me on the mat at RYOGA, where I teach at all three studios in the heart of Rome. My dynamic classes will transport you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, bringing you into a space where you can let go.

Masterclasses & Workshops

Do you want to unpack a particular skill, technique or posture? Or wish your yoga class was longer? A masterclass or a workshop is an excellent opportunity to dive deeper and ask questions. I offer a range of exciting, challenging and rewarding workshops at studios in Italy and at events abroad.

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Want to partner with me?

Are you a studio owner looking for an experienced, compassionate, enthusiastic teacher to host your next workshop? Look no further! Let’s discuss how we can collaborate.

Train With Me

Teacher training is an extraordinary experience. Whether you want to deepen your practice, share it with others, learn more about your body or go on a spiritual journey, I can guide and support you. Becoming a certified yoga teacher or stand-up paddle yoga teacher with me will prepare, empower and even transform you.

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Are you a studio owner, and would like to host teacher training with me in your studio?
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Corporate Yoga

Give your employees the tools they need to stay fit and healthy – both physically and mentally. Corporate yoga classes are a great way to improve workplace morale, increase productivity and do something fun together as a team without leaving the office. Classes focus on strengthening and lengthening the muscles affected by sitting at a desk, reducing stress and muscle tension, and enhancing concentration.

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I offer a range of practices from gentle and meditative, to therapeutic and more active. Click below to explore the styles I teach.

Private 1:1 Yoga Session

Available in-person & online

Are you feeling stressed? Suffering from back pain? Recovering from an injury? Try yoga!

I offer private yoga classes designed specifically around your needs and abilities. If you’re keen to get started with 1:1 yoga you can speak to me in a 15-minute free discovery call.

What is a private yoga class, and who can benefit?


Kind Words

I have been attending Ditya’s classes for a couple of years now and have experienced a wide range of her versatile programme, from her regular practice to Vino Vinyasa , Yoga in the Spa, and even SUPYoga. She is always impeccably professional, full of positive energy warm and friendly. She is always very supportive during practice and beyond. I would highly recommend her. My self & Riffa View yoga community miss her live classes very much.

Jane London

Ditya Sari has this remarkable ability to inspire and motivate healthy lifestyle changes. Being an active person for most of my life. Like most people, I never learned the benefits to stretching. This has left me with joint issues and recurring pains throughout my body. In my search for a natural cure, I found myself in one of Aditya’s classes. Not knowing what to expect and being outside of my comfort zone. Within minutes those feelings dissipated. She has an energy about her that calms and makes you feel instantly comfortable. Over the next few months I became a regular. Her teaching had corrected what so many doctors failed to. Not only did my body heal, but mentally I was stronger than ever. I never thought that one yoga class would bring so much light into my life and forever change it.

Client Houston USA

I had an amazing experience with Ditta, the best yoga teacher I’ve ever met. I was never into yoga until I tried her class. She became the only person who made me passionate about yoga and passed on to me through her spirituality that inspired me to explore more about what yoga can do to my body and mind. Her calming and peaceful energy reflects all her classes and makes you feel at home. She also has a perfect tone of voice that makes you drawn into her yoga practice and her energy.

Veronica Cafiero Italy

I’ve had the pleasure to join Ditya’s yoga sessions on a weekly basis for more than 3 years. Ditya is an extremely passionate and skilled healer, physically as well as mentally. She generously shares her wisdom and insight in life which makes her sessions authentic and mindful. Ditya is a beautiful person in and out and I consider myself very lucky that our paths in life have crossed.

Heidi Scoovgaard Switzerland

I’ve been doing yoga for a while, but never really fond of it. Not until I met Ditya and joined her class, she became my favorite yoga instructor. Not only because her classes are fun, challenging yet calming at the same time but her positive energy that constantly flow and fills the room keeps the whole session in every single class very refreshing.

Mo Tarada Bahrain

I have practiced yoga with Ditya for six years now and really enjoyed every session. She is one of a kind and rare yoga instructor with unexplainably amazing energy. Her classes are a great combination of postures flow, mindful breathing and relaxation at the end that will leave you with a sense of relaxation and peace. If you have the opportunity, book a class with her. You won’t regret it, I promise!

Marie Joubert South Africa

I’ve done yoga with Ditta for a number of years and I can say it’s a truly enjoyable experience. Whether it’s the Vinyasa or Inside Flow, or the calming Yin and Restorative, she guides you through it and will always give you options that’ll work in your body and your physical issues that limit you. One of the things I really appreciate is the way she guides her students with so much care and attention to each student's abilities, and helps them find either their ease or their potential. Even though I practiced with her for so many years, the routines never got boring or repetitive but always felt fresh and I got to always learn something new about my body. I recommend her sessions from the bottom of my heart

Linda Texmo Sweden